Texas Rangers make Colby Lewis an offer


As expected the Texas Rangers have made an offer to Colby Lewis.  No details have emerged yet about the contract details. But, Jon Daniels had a meeting with Lewis’ agent just 4 days after the regular season ended and it seems like both sides have been talking ever since.  That makes it seem pretty likely that a deal will get done soon.

Many fans have expressed concerns about Colby Lewis returning, which is completely understandable.  The Rangers brought Lewis back for the 2014 season on a one year deal that seemed pretty shaky.  It wasn’t known how he would do after missing the past 18 months because of hip replacement and flexor tendon surgeries.  Lewis did start off the season a bit rough and wasn’t able to last past 5 innings until the about the All-star break.

For the first have of the season Lewis had an ERA of 6.54 with a record of 6-6, and 1.821 WHIP over 16 starts/84.0 innings.  During the second half of the season he had a 3.86 ERA with a record of 4-8, and 1.228 WHIP over 13 starts/86.1.  He averaged only 5.25 innings per game in the first half and improved to 6.62 innings per game during the second half.

His win/loss record isn’t that good in the second half, but it’s mainly because of the lack of offense and defense he had around him.  He proved he’s able to adjust to the new hip, able to run well, cover first base and still pitch deep into games.

Lewis managed to pitch very well in the second half and proved he was healthy in 2014, which earned himself a chance to return in 2015 and maybe beyond.   When talking about beyond, maybe 2 year deal with an option for a 3rd.  The contract shouldn’t be much longer than that because of health concerns.

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But, overall this is a good signing for the Rangers.  They won’t be big spenders during the offseason and they should get pretty good deal on Colby Lewis.  He’ll like be the Rangers number 4 or 5 start in the rotation.