What do the Texas Rangers need?


The Hot Stove season is well under way, but it would be hard to tell that by just looking at the Texas Rangers.   It’s apparent that the team has several holes to fill going into the 2015 season, but it’s doubtful they’ll make much noise during the offseason.

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The will have to do something to fill out the starting rotation, add another catcher and another big bat to the line up.  The Rangers starting rotation and pitching staff in general was decimated last season due to injuries.  Right now as it stands they only have Yu Darvish and Derek Holland in the rotation.  The Rangers to-do list must include re-signing Colby Lewis and finding one other decent starting pitcher they can either trade for or sign as a free agent.

That means they’ll likely promote from within again to fill out the rotation.  It could mean Nick Martinez gets a chance to start again.  He did well last season, but you could tell there were still some development going on with the young rookie.  The Rangers will have Martin Perez back sometime around mid-season.  Hopefully the Rangers will be in a decent position in the division and isn’t well out of the playoff race like they were last season.

They will also need to find someone to either be their primary catcher or back up Robinson Chirinos.  Obviously Chirinos will get every chance to be the primary catcher, but if they are able to find a veteran player for a one deal, like they did with A.J. Pierzynski.  Hopefully who ever they find can hit the ball, but who ever it is will be an improvement over J.P. Arencibia.

Lastly, another must for the offseason is to find someone that can drive the ball.  Last season Prince Fielder was supposed to be that guy, but due to injury he missed a large portion of the season.  Even with a healthy Fielder they still need another power bat in the lineup.  Last season it seemed like there were too many 9-hole hitters.

The Rangers have a very good team heading into spring training, but they need to address a few huge holes.   They won’t be able to do it by spending big, but they might be able to do it by promoting from within or by making a good trade.