Texas Rangers fans are just like Cowboys fans, right?


Get rowdy, Rangers fans. Captain said so! Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

I am a lifelong Texas Rangers fan.  LIFE. LONG.  And I’m sure you are too.  So, I’m guessing we’ll agree on these other items as well:

Well…I’m sure there are some Rangers fans that are Texans and Spurs or Rockets fans instead.  But, we’ll pretend they don’t exist, in fact, I won’t even hyperlink to their websites.  Also, you’re welcome for the hashtag translations.

So, why are we bringing the Mavs and Cowboys into our Rangers blog?  Well, it’s not so much the teams I want to talk about here as much as it is the fans of our teams.  We’re fans of all of these teams, so each team’s fans must be the same kind of fan, right?

FALSE.  *Dwight Schrute voice*

Let’s evaluate.

Dallas Cowboys Fans

Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

 Where are Cowboys fans? 

There’s a giant group of us nationwide; including “fans” that are really only fans in the sense that they own a Cowboys hat or shirt.  I hate to use the “Y” word here, but it’s like a lot of Yankees “fans”.

The Cowboys win, how do fans react? 


How do we feel about ownership/management? 

Jerry Jones…sigh…

How does the rest of the Metroplex react to Cowboys fans? 

Most of the Metroplex at least claims fandom, even if they don’t watch or know anything about the team.  Then there are the few that hate the Cowboys just because everyone else loves them.  Also annoying.

Texas Rangers Fans

I GOT IT!! Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Where are Rangers fans? 

We’re all over Texas; with team recognition growing nationwide after the two World Series runs.

The Rangers win, how do fans react? 

“It’s a loooong season”

How do we feel about ownership/management?

One of these two reactions are pretty common:

JD is the world’s best GM”  OR

“JD has never made a good move in his life!”

How does the rest of the Metroplex react to Rangers fans? 

They think baseball is long and boring.  They say stuff like this to us all the time “I just can’t sit out there for so long, it’s too hot” or “There are just too many games”.  But these are also the same folks that made the Opening Day lottery necessary after the Rangers’ WS appearances.

Dallas Mavericks Fans

DIIIRRRKKK!!! Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Where are the fans? 

We are mainly contained in North Texas.

The Mavs win, how do fans react?  

“TAKE THAT SAN ANTONIO!!”  (Even if we weren’t playing the Spurs)

How do we feel about ownership/management? 

Mark Cuban’s a little nutty; but we like his enthusiasm and willingness to do what it takes to win.

How does the rest of the Metroplex react to Mavericks fans?  Dirk is pretty much beloved across the board.  (As he should be; all hail the Big Baller from the G)  But, most Metro residents don’t know a lick about the Mavs unless they are fans.

Obviously, these fun little anecdotes don’t apply to all Cowboys, Rangers, and Mavs fans.  But I’m pretty sure something in there rang true for each of us.

I’ll also add that for every one of our teams, there is a huge set of die hard, knowledgeable, watch-every-game set.  And within that set, there are some of us that are THAT into every one of these teams.  So bravo for your sports fandom, Dallas, TX!

And the best part of all of this?  These are only three of our teams!  Name another metro area with professional football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer (outdoor and indoor).  There are fewer than a handful.  And we haven’t even covered our minor league and college action.

So merry Christmas sports fan…you live in Dallas, TX.  For those of you that don’t, ask Santa for a plane ticket.  It’s fun down here.

Hang in there y’all.  Only 131 days until Opening Day.

Until then…

#MFFL #WeDemBoyz