National Bobblehead Day


What day is it? Guess what day it is! Today is National Bobblehead Day!


Yes, you read that correctly. Today marks the first-ever National Bobblehead day, giving baseball fans everywhere a good reason to show off their collection.

*Warning: I refuse to refer to bobbleheads as dolls*

Bobblehead collecting has become just as common as collecting baseball cards, although a little more difficult. Just about every Major League Baseball team (if not all) has at least one Bobblehead Giveaway promotion during the season.

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  • Depending on which player’s bobblehead is being given away these games draw more of a crowd than Jersey Replica giveaways. Take two Texas Rangers fan favorites bobblehead night and replica jersey night this season.

    On April 19, Yu Darvish Bobblehead Giveaway night had an attendance of 44,811. While Adrian Beltre Replica Jersey Giveaway only drew in 43,706 fans.

    Don’t get me wrong both of those numbers are outstanding. I think it’s more fun for a fan to collect a bobblehead than a jersey. But, it is a little difficult. For example, if I want a Texas Rangers bobblehead I have to either search the internet to purchase one (usually eBay) or hound my friends back home to pick an extra one up and mail it to me in Cali.

    But, just like baseball cards it has become an ever-growing hobby among fans and it is a great way for clubs to bring in the crowd. However, bobbleheads haven’t been around very long and weren’t always popular.

    According to History of, MLB produced papier-mache bobbleheads for each team by 1960 and during the 1960 World Series player-specific bobbleheads were made and sold for the first time. By the end of the ‘70s popularity of the bobblehead had faded and very few were made.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you view it, we have the San Francisco Giants to thank for the resurgence of of this fan favorite. In 1999 the Giants gave away 35,000 Willie Mays bobbleheads, thus, making bobbleheads once again a must-have for fans.

    I currently have three bobbleheads, only two are baseball-related.

    I was lucky enough to have won the Yu Darvish bobblehead from Nolan Writin’s own David Cash.

    Then, when I attended the NLCS this year at AT&T Park (Don’t hate me! I LOVE the Rangers!!) I bought a “Mystery  Grab Bag” the Giants were selling for charity. Each bag was guaranteed to have a bobblehead and I was hoping for  Hunter Pence, but I got Buster Posey.

    The other one, is Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. This one gets annoying because he talks every time his head moves.

    Needless to say, I love the three I have and hopefully I can collect more. What about you? Do you collect bobbleheads? How many do you have? Send us a picture via our Twitter or Facebook page and we’ll be sure to share them with our readers.

    Only 55 days until the Texas Rangers play the first game of Spring Training!

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