Could You Date a Non-Texas Rangers Fan?


Love is in the air! Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

That’s actually a serious question, Texas Rangers’ fans.  Well…maybe not that serious.  We all know that there are other more important qualities to weigh in dealing with matters of the heart.  But I got to talking to an old friend of mine yesterday…my partner in 162+ crime…about dating and even being friends with folks that aren’t fans of your Texas Rangers.

We shared painful stories of explaining the difference between hits and home runs in the line score…I mean they both start with ‘H’, right?…

…about having been asked when halftime is at RBiA

…about friends that go to Rangers games to “walk around” or “enjoy the weather”

This is real pain, my friends.  So real that my buddy decided that if he meets a non-Rangers fan any time soon, that even if she’s a great person…the relationship will have a 75-day lifespan.  Now THAT is commitment to the team; not to mention a man that is counting down to Opening Day.  (He’s a catch, ladies – call him)

So what do you think?  Could you do it?  Or are the Texas Rangers your true Valentine?

Now that is true love

Full disclosure:  I’m married to a Yankees fan.  It hurts.  Like a shower with a Brillo pad loofah.  But I keep telling myself “At least he likes baseball.  At least he likes baseball.  At least he likes baseball.”

Not sure I could have taken the plunge with a non-BASEBALL fan.  That would be like marrying someone who only speaks Pig Latin.  Not only confusing…but also annoying.

So now that you’ve had some time to nod your head in agreement to all of this, I have two questions to end with for you:

  1. What’s your best “my friend/significant other” hates the Rangers/baseball story? (Or worst I guess depending on your perspective.)
  2. What Rangers memory is your true valentine? (Awww, thanks for the memories, Rangers!)

Guess what?

4 weeks until Spring Training.

74 days until Opening Day.

Happy Valentine’s season to US!