Texas Rangers: Pre-spring training evaluation


In just over 2 weeks the Texas Rangers will load up the truck in Arlington and head to Surprise to start a new season. Finally everyone can put to rest last season and for the most part never ever talk about it again.

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It’s now time for a clean slate with the upcoming season. Right now the Rangers are just where they need to be in the division, contenders. Again, this season the Rangers are predicted to have one of the best lineups in baseball. ESPN’s Buster Olney has ranked them to have the 7th best lineup in the majors. We won’t mention where he had them last season, to avoid any jinks on this season. But, go ahead and look up, if you think you can handle the mess it might bring.

I think ranking them as 7th best lineup in baseball is a fair assessment. If you go by what happened last year you might be inclined to put the Texas Rangers closer to the bottom. But, no one expects the Rangers to do that poorly again this season. The Texas Rangers have a lot of talent on this team and that talent is healthy again and ready to compete.

And that’s why Buster Olney ranked them as high as he did even after a what happened last season. Now the Rangers have an amazing manager at the helm this year whose voice will resonate throughout the ballpark. Many people were upset that the Rangers passed on Tim Bogar and instead hired outsider Jeff Banister.


10/17/14 Texas Rangers introduce Banister

New Rangers manager Jeff Banister discusses the opportunity to manage a Major League club and his expectations for the team going forward

It didn’t take long for Banister to win over almost every fan, even those who were die-hard for Tim Bogar. Banister hasn’t managed a single game yet, but he’s proven he’s well-spoken and driven for success. His never ever quit philosophy is something this team needed. Also, in my opinion Banister brings a lot more professionalism to the club. I’m not saying that former manager Ron Washington wasn’t professional, but that Banister is a bit better at that aspect than he was. 

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In addition to the great lineup the Rangers also have what’s looking to be a pretty good starting rotation. They is still a lot of optimism hanging on it with the return of Colby Lewis and the addition of Yovani Gallardo.

In my opinion I think Lewis might start off slow this season during spring training, but by May find his stride and build on the success he had during the second half of last season. I think that because of the cooler weather and the impact it has on his body. Once he gets a bit looser over the season and it warms up his pitching will get better and better.

And with Gallardo I think a change of venue will do him a lot of good. He’ll be playing for a new contract and returning to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in front of family and friends might just be what needs to find success again.

Overall everything looks very promising as the Rangers get ready to head to Arizona. Win and losses in Arizona don’t mean much, but if the Texas Rangers can avoid injuries and show they can play as a team that never ever quits, then this will be a very exciting season.