The Texas Rangers Will Be Better Than the Houston Astros in 2015


Last week the fine folks down in Houston posted an article claiming that our response to their “innocent” Tweet sparked a new article titled “The Houston Astros Will Be Better Than the Texas Rangers in 2015.”

Yes, that tweet may have been innocent, but that isn’t exactly what started this. They seem to have forgotten what really got things going.

See, it really started after Nolan Writin’ sent out a Tweet asking passionate Texas Rangers fans to join us and share that passion. Afterwards, editor Jason Burke from that hot and humid Climbing Tal’s Hill site decided to send out a Tweet that “everybody hates the Rangers.”

Innocent? I think not.

Jason goes on to say that mentioning the Texas Rangers record last season would be “too easy.” Obviously it would be “easy” to point out the standings last season, but that isn’t why he didn’t use it.

He didn’t point to that because it would make the Astros fans look desperate and weak, which they are not. Jason also didn’t point to the standings because while the Rangers had one losing season over the past six, the Astros have lost 6 straight.

The Texas Rangers didn’t add any “splash-making” players, Astros added Evan Gattis, Colby Rasmus, Jed Lowrie…too many for me to keep up.

The truth is, the Rangers didn’t need to add to an already stacked roster. Texas didn’t need to make a huge splash to get attention or to be better.

We acquired Yovani Gallardo who grew up in Fort Worth, therefore he is used to pitching in the Texas heat. Furthermore, Gallardo spent his minor league career in the South, he is no stranger to the Heat Index. But your concern for his “bloated ERA” is duly noted, however unnecessary. Oh, and he holds a 13-3 record over the Astros.

Not surprisingly, the contract issues made it into the article.

Texas Rangers
Texas Rangers /

Texas Rangers

Do the Rangers have key players with huge contracts? Of course they do, that is no secret, but you forgot to add Elvis Andrus’ contract with Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo. But what those long-term contracts give Rangers fans is a sense of security that most ball clubs don’t have the pleasure of feeling.

“Of course, we’ll hear the sob story of how the entire team was plagued with injuries for their lacking performance from a year ago” You’re darn right y’all are going to hear it!

If teams like the Astros and Oakland Athletics get to whine about their inability to win due to the lack of funds time and time again then Texas Rangers fans get to wave the Red Cross flag in regards to ONE season.

This article has me so riled up, so let me just say this, the Texas Rangers WILL have the better season.


Because those “HEAVY” contracts come with big shoulders that can carry the team as needed.
Because Elvis Andrus took care of himself this offseason.
Because despite the Rangers having taken up permanent residency at CareNow last season, Adrian Beltre is still revered as the best defensive third baseman in the American League.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the Texas Rangers will have the better season. Because Yu Darvish was smart and listened to his body and took care of his elbow in the offseason. Oh, and he happens to have the best slider in the American League, too.

Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Because Leonys Martin has never met a wall he doesn’t like and loves climbing them to rob hitters of homers.

Because Derek Holland is back. 100 percent.
Because Nefti looked like 2010 Neftali Feliz by season’s end.

Texas will be better than the Astros because we had rookies step up, face the challenges presented to them and exceed every single person’s expectations.

Because Prince Fielder had his surgery and is recovered. He feels great, looks great, but more importantly he remembered why he loves baseball and is having FUN again.

Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Because we have Robinson Chirinos who loves being a catcher and has dedicated the entire offseason improving his defensive skills to become our number one catcher.

Because Choo’s ankle is better.

We may have a position or two up for grabs, but don’t let that fool you. Ryan Rua, Jake Smolinksi and Michael Choice are hungry and more than willing to fight and work hard to earn that spot. Even if it is for a spot on the bench.

We WILL be better the team because we have Jeff Banister at the helm leading our Rangers into battle and we will be victorious!

But, THE most important reason why I KNOW the Texas Rangers will have a better season than the Houston Astros, is simple.

Texas Rangers and their fans – NEVER. EVER. QUIT.

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