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Opening Day is less than two weeks away and Texas Rangers prospects prove that they plan on keeping the team’s future bright. Tepid Participation of Lone Star Ball explains how and why being patient with our minor-leaguers will pay off, in the long run. He actually compares it to baking a pizza, here’s a snippet:

"…if you cook a pizza 92% of the way, it’s still edible, and not half bad. But, if you allow the pie to cook as long as the directions tell you to, and right up to the moment you know it’s perfectly ready to eat, you end up with a whole different experience. Being patient sucks, but more often than not, it’s worth the wait.”"

And, in my not-so-humble opinion Tepid helps bring home my point on Joey Galloleave the kid alone.

Does anyone remember who the Texas Rangers selected in 29th round of the 2014 MLB Draft? I’ll admit I didn’t, well sort of. I was asked if I knew what Luke Tendler had done. Sadly, all I could remember is that the Rangers drafted him last year. Thankfully Chris Phillips of 27 Outs Baseball is the person who asked me this trivia question and shared his update on Tendler. Let me tell you, this right fielder can blast baseballs like Gallo. But, even better is his plate discipline. Very excited to see him move through the system.

Texas Rangers
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Texas Rangers

I’m always amazed, even though I really shouldn’t be, by non-Rangers fans wanting to make a trade for

Adrian Beltre

. Not because they think it’s a good deal for their team, but because most Texas Rangers fans want to trade Beltre because they feel he is getting too old and won’t produce. I am however on the side of lets-keep-Adrian-Beltre-forever-because-he’s-only-getting-better mindset. Regardless of how which side of the fence you’re on, our friend David Hill from Kings of Kauffman (Kansas City Royals)


that a trade between the Rangers and Royals could make sense. We need pitching and their third basemen over the years have been…well less than stellar. I say, thanks but no thanks. What do you say?

I have saved the best for last, mainly because it the Texas Rangers aren’t caught in the crosshairs of this “war” of commercials. The Seattle Mariners are known for wacky promos, and the first one released this season is no different. Brian Helberg of SoDo Mojo (Mariners) put together a slideshow of the recent commercials.

My favorite one (on the second slide) features Fernando Rodney, my least favorite closer, and no, it has nothing to do with his hat. It also features a very funny philosophical conversation between Logan Morrison and ex-Ranger Nelson Cruz, who in my opinion nailed it. If for nothing else, you need to watch it for Cruz because I believe in what Cruz is selling here.

So, where is the “war” I speak of? Well, if you watched the commercial to the end you should have noticed the A’s fan on the ground yelling in horror. The fine folks over at Swingin’ A’s (Oakland Athletics) took none too kindly to the commercial. In fact, Tony Frye was downright offended by the audacity of the Mariners. But, in all honesty I know Tony was just joking around. All in good clean baseball fun!

I’m hoping the Texas Rangers release their commercials soon because I’m ready to watch them, and of course put them in a slide show for you!

                                                  ONLY 12 DAYS UNTIL OPENING DAY!

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