Texas Rangers Lineup Review – Is It Enough?

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Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

That’s a quick look at your Texas Rangers as they take the field for 2015. Time will tell, but it appears as though they have to hit the ground running. The season starts with a bang as the first four games are on the road in Oakland. And of the first 20 games of the year – all of April – only two games against the D’Backs are outside of the AL West.

If the Rangers can start hot, they can put some distance on the rest of the division. The other side of that coin is, if they don’t get cooking early, this could be another long summer, where one, if not more of the old hands, are sent away for more young pups.

What do you think of the Texas Rangers chances this season? Do they have enough firepower to contend in what should be a tough American League West? Let us know in the comments!

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