Texas Rangers: Predictions For the 2015 Season

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Bold Prediction:

Heath: The Rangers will trade for an ace starting pitcher by the trade deadline as they are in contention for a playoff spot.

Ryan: Shin Soo-Choo leads the American League in On Base Percentage. Go Rangers!

Lisa: Prince Fielder comes back better after his neck surgery (Bionic Prince) and hits at least 35 homers and plays all 162 games. NEVER. EVER. QUIT.

Leslie: Rangers trade Adrian Beltre in the summer.

David Hill: Joey Gallo is brought up when Adrian Beltre is traded, and gets off to a hot start, like Kevin Maas back in 1990. Like Maas, Gallo will cool off after a torrid first month and disappoint the rest of the season.

Jason: Nobody else gets significantly injured. Given the way last year went, and how this spring started, this is easily the boldest prediction of all time.

Colin: Ryan Rua, Rookie of the Year candidate. If he hits like he’s shown, if he makes the plays we’ve seen he’s able to, Rua may not be the Rangers version of Mike Trout, but he could step into the Majors and turn a lot of heads

Ace: Derek Holland is traded. Do I believe this? Well, safe to say that’s why it’s bold.

As you can see we all have different opinions. Some we agree on and some we don’t. Let us know your opinion. Who do you think will be the MVP on offense? Who will be the MVP on the pitching staff?

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