Texas Rangers: The Curse of Nolan Ryan. Real or Myth?

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Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

So where does all this leave the Texas Rangers? Well, for now, it leaves them in a position no club wants to be in—uncertain about the future. It doesn’t look like the Rangers will be headed back to the World Series, or even the Playoffs anytime soon.

The way it stands now, the front office and newly hired manager Jeff Banister will get a chance to look at the young prospects in the farm system Guys like Jake Smolinski, Joey Gallo, Ryan Rua and Alex Gonzalez. Instead of contending in the AL, it seems as though the Rangers will be looking towards the future. As Ron Washington used to always say, “That’s the way baseball go.”

No matter what side of the chalk you fall on, one cannot deny something strange has been brewing at Globe Life Park the past two years. Whether you think it is indeed the Curse of Nolan Ryan or just a sequence of coincidences, something must be done soon.

As for me, I never stepped on the chalk when I went onto the field.

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