Adrian Beltre Sends Garrett Richards Invoice For Broken Bats


Adrian Beltre had a tough time at the plate on Saturday night, going 0-for-3 against Angels starter Garrett Richards before gathering a hit later in the game. In those three at-bats versus Richards, he broke three separate bats, which, according to ESPN caused Beltre to send Richards an invoice for the broken lumber, totaling $300. In return, Richards sent Beltre a signed batting helmet. While this isn’t as great as the straight cash that Beltre had been hoping for, it was a nice gesture between the two divisional rivals.

On a larger scale, this is a nice little story for baseball, and it’s coming at the right time. Adrian Beltre always likes to have a little fun on the diamond; calling for pop flies that are nowhere near him–so long as you don’t touch his head. With seemingly every Royals game including a bench-clearing brawl, this little touch of humor is just what the game needed.

In just moments, the Texas Rangers will send their best pitcher on the early season, Nick Martinez (2-0, 0.45 ERA) to face Angels lefty Hector Santiago (2-1, 2.45) in Anaheim. Here’s hoping that the Rangers can snap their three-game losing streak and start a trend in the other direction behind Martinez (and the bats?) this afternoon.

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