Texas Rangers Week in Review: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

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Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

3. Prince Fielder

One of the two players that have consistently produced in the Texas Rangers lineup this season, Prince Fielder has continued to be the rock for the Rangers offense. He has been the one player who has performed up to his track record, being the player that the Rangers thought they had.

This past week was more of the same for Fielder. He led the Rangers in batting average, posting a .321/.387/.393 batting line with two doubles and three RBI. As the Rangers appear to be turning their season around, having Fielder continue to quietly be the excellent batter that they traded for has been of the utmost importance.

The only possible concern that the Texas Rangers could have with Prince Fielder is his lack of power. Adding in his injury plagued 2014 season, Fielder has hit only five home runs and 16 doubles in last 309 plate appearances. The Rangers have to hope that the power will come back, otherwise they have a 275 pound singles hitter that they owe another $90 Million over the next five seasons.

Fielder had been the one positive in the lineup for the Rangers for much of the 2015 season. Seeing that he may be getting company in terms of production is certainly a great sign.

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