Texas Rangers Week in Review: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

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Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

2. Carlos Peguero

Carlos Peguero was seemingly destined to the life of a AAAA player. He was an excellent power hitter in the minors, but had been unable to produce in the majors, posting a career .196/.245/.379 batting line with nine home runs in 229 plate appearances. Peguero just was not able to produce.

However, this past week, Peguero has on fire. Given the chance to play every day, Peguero has produced a .333/.400/.905 batting line with a team leading four home runs. In fact, the four home runs that Peguero hit this week are enough to lead the Texas Rangers for the year thus far.

Perhaps it was just a matter of Peguero getting more consistent playing time. He only had one season in the major leagues where he had more than 57 plate appearances, back in 2011 when Peguero posted a .196/.252/.371 batting line with six home runs. Now, Peguero is looking like a piece that the Rangers needed in their lineup.

Carlos Peguero is getting his chance, and he has given the Texas Rangers more than they could have expected over this past week. Hopefully, he can continue to swing that hot bat.

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