Texas Rangers 2015 MLB Draft Preview

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Chi Chi Gonzalez: The Rangers 2014 first-round MLB draft selection has continued to show the same promise that led to his 23rd overall selection by the Rangers. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

There are many names at the top that the Rangers could look to target with the fourth pick but a common theme seen with these two mock drafts is getting a college arm that can help a struggling rotation sooner rather than later. The Rangers took this strategy last year when they chose Gonzalez 23rd overall from Oral Roberts University and has proven to be a strong pitcher and will be ready to make his debut sooner than many pitchers also drafted in the first round. Both the mock drafts by Manuel and McDaniel reflect this strategy for the upcoming year and it is hard to argue with either of these selections.

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The last time the Rangers selected in the top five of the draft, they took Mark Teixeira fifth overall and eventually traded him to the Atlanta Braves for Neftali Feliz, Elvis Andrus, and Matt Harrison among others. With the fourth overall pick, it is likely that one of these two will be available for the Rangers. If both are available, I would lean to Tate who has a higher upside and less mileage on his arm even though Funkhouser may be closer to MLB ready.