Texas Rangers: Vote to send Prince Fielder to the All-Star game


One thing is bothering me maybe a little more than it should. It’s the fact that Prince Fielder is in 3rd place in voting for him to go Cincinatti for the All-Star Game. Prince is 2nd in all of baseball with a batting avg of .356, he has 10 home runs and 40 RBI and yet Prince Fielder is 3rd in votes for 1st baseman for the All-Star game.  There is something wrong with this.

Let’s face it…the Rangers don’t have many players that deserve the nod to go to the All-Star game. Although you could argue that he is a DH now, Prince is behind Eric Hosmer and Miguel Cabrera in the latest votes for 1st baseman.

Most people look at average, home runs and RBI when selecting an offensive player to vote for. Some dig deeper into the numbers. Regardless, once you see the numbers it is clear who should be the leader in votes. So let’s go ahead a look at the numbers:

Here is the number of votes for each player that was just released as of yesterday:

1. Eric Hosmer, Royals: 3,551,005
2. Miguel Cabrera, Tigers: 2,933,108
3. Prince Fielder, Rangers: 1,088,428

Eric Hosmer is hitting 306, 7 home runs and 35 RBI. As you can see Prince is leading Hosmer in all 3. yet he is over 2 million votes behind.

Miguel Cabrera is hitting .320, 12 home runs and 38 rbi. Prince has a better average and more RBI.

Prince is hitting .356 with 10 home runs,  40 rbi. He is in 3rd place. There is no reason why he shouldn’t at least be 2nd place.

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Why is Prince Fielder this many votes shy? My guess is because of the recent success of the Royals and Tigers. That is what has Prince sitting in 3rd. Also his defense may have something to do with it. You could make the argument that he should go over Nelson Cruz as well, looking at the offensive stats, minus home runs of course.

Let’s change the outcome Rangers fans. We have quite the work cut out for us but there is still a little time. Remember, Prince has been HUGE part of the Rangers success in getting to 2nd place. Where are the millions of fans that show up at the Globe Life each year? We can vote a max of 35 times each. You don’t have to do a lot of work. Take 10 minutes out of your day and fill out the ballot and then resubmit 34 more times. Let’s do this for Prince and the Rangers and show them how much we as fans appreciate them.

Click here for the link for the All Star Ballot.