Rangers have embraced Never Ever Quit


The Texas Rangers were in 5th place and were on pace to lose 100 games this season in April.  Ticket sales were down and attendance was looking pathetic.  I remember going to a game around the middle of the month with about 20 thousand other fans and thought to myself, “They call this baseball town?”.   The crowd at the ball park was so small and quiet that it was possible to sit near the out of town scoreboard and hear the first base coach yell at the players on the base path.  That’s something I’ve never heard before, even when I sat closer to the Rangers dugout.

Now, just a little over a month since then the Rangers have completely turned their season around.  The once 5th place Rangers are now just 2.0 games behind the Houston Astros and boast a .252 13th place batting average.  That’s worlds better than the .220 and last place batting average they had at the end of April.

Some how the players that are suppose to be hitting the ball are finally doing so and driving in runs.  Prince Fielder once looked like a bust and now is the league leader in second place for batting average at .354. He’s been able to drive the ball to left field a lot more this season to help beat the shift.  That has also meant he has less home runs, but he’s getting on base and is a true threat this season.  To back him up is surprisingly players like Mitch Moreland, Joey Gallo, and Josh Hamilton.

Mitch Moreland is off to having a career best year with a batting average of .305 and 7 home runs.  Everyone knows he has plenty of power in that swing, but he hasn’t been able to make good contact with the ball since 2011.  Now after several surgeries he’s on the mend and showing he belongs in the lineup.   I don’t think anyone expected to see Joey Gallo up this early.  Last season I projected him to be called up with the September call ups this season, but due to an injured Adrian Beltre he has been given his chance.  He quickly showed off his power display with 2 home runs and several RBI that has helped the Rangers make a couple of notches in the win column.

Josh Hamilton has only played in 7 games, but he gave 100% in every one of those games.  His presence has been very positive and surprisingly he’s received a very warm welcome.  I’m sure it did help that his first hit was an RBI double and he’s make several leaping catches in an effort to help the Rangers win.

In my opinion Jeff Banister has done an amazing job turning this club around.  After the awful start in April they could have folded up and just coasted to September to settle for last place.  Banister’s motivation, character, and spirit in his never ever quit has resonated in the club house and is finally spreading to the fan base.  He’s help bring the Texas Rangers back to being a contender in the American League and has the division in his sites.  Now it’s time for the fans to embrace it and show the rest of the baseball world that Arlington is Baseball town.  Not just because they winning, but because we #NeverEverQuit.

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