The Rangers have no chance of beating the Blue Jays


The experts say so. They will tell you that the poor Rangers will be nothing more than a sacrificial lamb to the mighty Jays, who are going to roll to their first championship since 1993 in their first playoff appearance since…1993.

Not one expert at ESPN picked the Rangers to win this series out of all the names they had:

If you didn’t count, there were 23 voters on that panel, and 23 of them voted against the Rangers. In fact, all but six of them picked the Jays to win the AL. Taking it one step further, 12 of them picked the Jays to win it all.

Another entity picked the Jays—Vegas. The Jays were listed as the favorites at 7-2 odds to win it all. The Royals were next at 4-1, followed by the Dodgers at 5-1, Mets at 6-1, Cardinals at 7-1 and Rangers at 8-1.

Even video games back up what the experts and Vegas already know:

So I guess the Rangers might as well not even bother flying north of the border for games one and two and just forfeit because this Jays team is absolutely unstoppable and if they play the games the Jays will obliterate the Rangers, outscoring them 45-2 in a three game sweep.

(For anyone who needs clarification on the matter, this entire post was sarcastic hyperbole)