Jeff Banister Top 10 moments in 2015

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2. 11/17/15 – Rangers manager Jeff Banister jokes about receiving a speeding ticket on his way to the ballpark for his Manager of the Year announcement

1. 7/18/15 – Rangers and Astros benches clear.  Both managers go face-to-face.

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Texas Rangers Jeff Banister was exactly what this team needed.  Reliving this moments reminds me of why they picked him, why we love him, and most importantly why the players love him.  He’s consistent, stands up for his players, always has their back, defends them, and is an motivator of men.  His leadership skills echo past the clubhouse to the field for every game.  One of the best things about Banister is that this was only the first year.  There are many more memories yet to happen.  I can’t wait to see them unfold.  Congratulations Jeff Banister.  You’re very deserving of the Manager of the Year award and I’m glad you’re the Manager for the Texas Rangers.