Rangers Considering Contract Extension with Darvish?


When starting pitcher Yu Darvish came over from Japan he signed a six-year deal with the Texas Rangers. That deal expires after the 2017 season and Darvish can elect to go into free agency during the 2018 off-season. The Rangers would ideally want to sign Darvish to a contract extension for 2018 and beyond.

Three-time All-Star Yu Darvish has been everything the Rangers could have asked for when they signed him in 2012. His career numbers through four Major League seasons are 46-30 3.29 ERA in 100 starts with 812 strikeouts. That is not a typo, Darvish almost has 1000 strikeouts in just four MLB seasons.

Injuries have been the problem for Darvish as he only has one season with over 30 starts. During his 2016 campaign he went 7-5 3.41 ERA in 17 starts. Darvish missed all of the 2015 season, but when he is healthy there are few better than him.

Now 30-years-old and has eleven seasons under his belt including the years Darvish spent in Japan. All of those innings are likely going to start to weigh on Darvish and lead to possibility more injuries. With problems continuing to pile up on Darvish should the Rangers really consider a long-term deal?

Yes, they should because Darvish is a once in a generation type pitcher despite the injury setbacks. Darvish signed for $56 million dollars when he came over from Japan, which is a steal for his production. Since then Darvish has been to three All-Star games and has been one of the most feared pitchers in the league.

I would not expect Darvish to accept anything under $100 million dollar contract. The Rangers have the money to get the deal done, but Darvish may want to test free agency regardless of the offer. Ideally the Rangers would love to extend Darvish, but this sounds like a deal that will not get done until after the 2017 season.