Texas Rangers: Excellent Pitching In Today’s Victory

The Texas Rangers slid past the Seattle Mariners today. Texas now improves to 9-13. Opening Day is about two weeks away. In the last few days, things have been going well for Texas. At this point of Spring Training, the Rangers need to keep all the positives in place. However, there is still some room for improvement for this ball club. Though progress is being made everyday.

An excellent performance by today’s pitching corps. Pitching’s been great the past few days. Offense did okay. Only two starters appeared in this game. Overall, a good team effort. Exactly what the Texas Rangers organization needs.

Offense went 9-for-33 and struck out ten times. Not a strong performance, but like last yesterday’s game, it was enough to win. Shin-Soo Choo and Carlos Gomez are the only starters who played, going a combined 2-for-5. Gomez struck out twice but did blast a two-run homer, tying the game 2-2 in the third inning. Ryan Rua went 2-for-2, blasting a solo home-run, giving Texas a 3-2 lead. Will Middlebrooks, who’s been having a good spring, went 0-for-2. Middlebrooks along with Rua are both expected to be named to the Opening Day roster. In any case, they both need to stay focused and be ready for anything. That goes for everyone.

Eddie Gamboa started this game. He pitched 5.0 innings, allowing five hits, surrendering two runs, and striking out six batters. Matt Bush pitched 2.0 innings, allowing allowing no hits, surrendering no runs, and striking out two batters, thus receiving a hold. Keone Kela pitched 2.0 innings, allowing no hits, surrendering no runs, and striking out one batter.  Bush’s been on a role since his release from prison in late-2015. Since Arlington is the land of opportunity for baseball players, the Rangers brought him in, gave him a chance, and so far it’s working out great. There’s no doubt, he’s learned his lesson and he doesn’t plan to let this golden opportunity go to waste.

Gamboa’s is in the process of reaching success. This spring is going well for him. Being in the league since 2008, last season was his first in the majors, resulting in him finishing 0-2. At the moment, it’s unclear if he’ll make the roster, but at least he’s making progress. Going 0-2 last year, he’s looking to make up for it this year, provided he earns the opportunity to play at the major league level. Texas acquired him for a reason and they intend to give him a fair chance to prove himself.

Tomorrow, Texas takes on the San Diego Padres. They have 12 games remaining this spring. Sure, the wins don’t have much meaning in Spring Training, but there’s never a reason to not go for the win.



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