Texas Rangers: Why Matt Bush In The Rotation Is A Bad Idea

ARLINGTON, TX - JULY 05: Matt Bush (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, TX - JULY 05: Matt Bush (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

Matt Bush is a player for the Texas Rangers that’s got the love and respect from the organization, as well as the players. It wasn’t long ago that Bush was incarcerated. Not long after his release, the Rangers signed him to a minor league contract. His life changed for the better and it’s stayed that way. In the position that Bush is currently in, he’s come a very long way from being a convicted felon. In other words, he learned his lesson.

The Texas Rangers invited him to Spring Training and he made an impression and earned a spot on the Opening Day roster. After the downfall of Sam Dyson, Bush got the opportunity to close. Unfortunately, after suffering his fifth blown save, he was optioned back to a relief pitcher. He picked himself up and did well for the remainder of the year.

It seems Bush has an interest in converting to a starting pitcher. Last month, it was reported by Evan Grant that the Rangers will meet with Bush to formulate a plan.

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However, to be honest, it’s not a good idea and here’s why; Bush will be 32 when Spring Training arrives. And the Rangers do not want another pitcher in his 30’s in the starting rotation. It’s bad enough that the Rangers now have two aging veterans in the rotation. Well, technically, Doug Fister is not officially in the lineup yet, but it’s very likely he will. Adding another starting pitcher in his 30’s doesn’t help. The Rangers need a younger pitcher in the rotation. It’s about having players with a future and not a past.

The Rangers have had success in the past converting relievers into starters, however, on some occasions, it turned out to be a very bad move. The Rangers can’t risk letting what happened with Neftali Feliz happen to Bush. The risk is just not worth it.

Since his call to the majors in 2016, Bush has exceeded expectations. Of course, once in a while, he’s fallen down, but he would quickly get up and again begin to exceed expectations. Bush is doing very well as a reliever. Keeping him as a reliever is best for not only him but for the entire ball club. Bush doesn’t need to have more on his plate than he can handle.

It’s best for Bush to stay on as a relief pitcher as it’s the place where he seems to be very comfortable.