When and how the Texas Rangers will return to World Series contention

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Texas Rangers
ARLINGTON, TX – OCTOBER 5: General Manager Jon Daniels of the Texas Rangers speaks with members of the press before the American League Wild Card game against the Baltimore Orioles on October 5, 2012 at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

Times are tough for Texas Rangers fans, but the turnaround starts now. The organization is in much better shape than it seems and contention is much closer than it seems.

The Texas Rangers have officially activated rebuild mode. Though it is not a full-on rebuild, they certainly have some development to take care of and some time to wait until World Series or even playoff contention is within reach. Texas may be bad next season, and the season after that, but 2021 should be the mark. 2021 is the year in which the Rangers should become a threat.

General Manager Jon Daniels is responsible for much of the recent turmoil. He’s made a number of questionable moves over the past few seasons that have shortened the team’s run at success and lengthened the time until the team will once again see success.

Many fans feel it is time for the organization to move on from Jon Daniels. Specific Daniels’ decisions can be pinpointed and evidence can certainly be presented to justify a firing. With that said, let’s not forget who led the team to such immediate success after taking over as GM in 2005. The Texas Rangers finished the ’05 season with a 79-83 record, 16 games behind the first place Anaheim Angels. Five years later, Texas made it to the World Series.

As crazy as it might seem, Rangers fans should be thrilled that Jon Daniels is the team’s current GM. Why? Because they are in a similar position now as to 2005. Daniels knows how to rebuild. He’s done it before and he is off to a really nice start this go around. The Jon Daniels Effect will once again take order and the Texas Rangers will be on a fast track to success before you know it.