Texas Rangers Prospects: Offseason Rankings #21-25

After discussing the first group of the prospects (26-30), we now take a look at the group just above them in our Texas Rangers offseason prospect rankings.

The Texas Rangers have high-ceiling players spread all throughout their top 30, and even though we are still in the lower third of the rankings, there are plenty of high-ceiling guys ranked 21-25.

#25 Chris Seise SS

Seise was the compensation pick that the Rangers received when Ian Desmond signed with the Colorado Rockies after the 2016 season. Seise has fallen quite a bit over the last two seasons due to season ending injuries fairly early in consecutive seasons. Although he has struggled with injuries, his plus defensive ability is still there which can keep him at shortstop, and at just 21 years-old, there is plenty of time for him to develop.

Outlook: If Seise can stay healthy, he could move quickly and reach Arlington by 2022.

#24 Owen White RHP

Continuing the injury trend that has become prevalent among the Rangers better prospects is Owen White, a 2018 second round draft pick. He saw out the rest of 2018 after being drafted, part of Texas’ de-load program for pitchers but before he could even make his professional debut in 2019 he suffered an arm injury, which required him to have Tommy John surgery. Out through much of 2020, Texas will still bank on his potential prior to his injury, when he had three solid pitches that game his a profile as a future starter.

Outlook: Yet to make his pro debut, White might not hit the bigs until 2024.

#23 Randy Florentino C

Florentino is still developing as a catcher, and is still a work in progress behind the plate. However, he’s emerged as a promising talent in the organization after being signed by Texas in 2017 as an international free agent. He needs development in all aspects of his game but at 19, he already shows signs of a big league backstop.

Outlook: Fresh off his pro debut, we won’t see Florentino for a while. Perhaps the 2023 season.

#22 Joe Barlow RHP

Barlow flew through the minors for the Texas Rangers in 2019, as he dominated in High A and AA, before running into a brick wall in his 17.1 innings in AAA. Overall, he posted a 3.16 ERA over the course of 2019 in 57 innings with a whopping 93 K’s. Surprisingly, he was left open to the Rule 5 draft this year and even more surprisingly he made it through without being taken. Sticking with the Rangers, Barlow is another in a long line of hard-throwing relievers.

Outlook: Given his quick rise through the minors, we could see Barlow debut in 2020.

#21 Julio Pablo Martinez OF

After the Texas Rangers missed on Shohei Otani in 2017, they allocated much of their remaining international bonus money on Martinez. He has plus speed, and a good arm, but his bat has struggled in A ball and High A in 2019. He has loads of potential evidenced by his MLB Prospect Watch #2 organizational ranking but he’s dropped considerably. Now the question is, can he figure it out and get back on track.

Outlook: If he can figure out his swing, we could see Martinez by the 2022 season.

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