Texas Rangers: Joey Gallo Represents the Club in “The Show” League

Joey Gallo of the Texas Rangers running the bases in game (Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr. /Getty Images)
Joey Gallo of the Texas Rangers running the bases in game (Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr. /Getty Images) /

In the upcoming “The Show” league announced by MLB, Joey Gallo will represent the Texas Rangers in a one month, online MLB the Show 20 league.

Leagues across the country are fighting to engage fans as best they can during this country-wide shutdown and not long after the NBA announced a streamed game of HORSE among current and former players, the MLB announced a one-month long online season of the popular video game, MLB the Show. The format includes a player from each team competing and the Texas Rangers are being represented by franchise star, Joey Gallo.

The plan is for the online league to have players representing each team square off against each other in a regular season. Each player will face the other 29 players and then the teams with the top eight records at the end of the season will go into a playoff. The games will be three inning contests and are to be streamed via the MLB Network’s Twitch.tv channel and MLB the Show’s social media outlets. The games are set to start Friday night on Twitch at 8 PM Central. Gallo is set to face Trevo May (MIN), Lance McCullers (HOU), Blake Snell (TB) and Amir Garrett (CIN).


In addition to the games, the MLB, along with the Player’s Association and Sony, the makers of the game, are teaming up to donate to each of the Boys and Girls Clubs in the markets of the 30 teams competing. Whoever wins will receive an extra $25,000 towards their market’s Boys and Girls Club.

Whether this idea falls in your lane of entertainment is a personal matter but the creativity for the league has to be noted. We currently sit in uncharted territory regarding sports and while baseball still sits in the pole position of likeliest spring/summer sports to have the bulk of their remaining season, when that happens is still largely undetermined. The league has reportedly been discussing alternative plans to try and keep the season on as normal a schedule as possible with potential games in Arizona being discussed.