Texas Rangers schedule: Ranking the five best day games at home in 2021

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The Texas Rangers’ home baseball schedule for 2021 includes more day game matchups than any other season in franchise history.

2021 is bound to be a record-setting year for the Texas Rangers franchise, thanks to their schedule!

Maybe it’s not for a reason you’d prefer (making the playoffs, witnessing a 3,000th hit, longest extra inning game, etc.), but hey, we’ll take anything we can get in an upcoming season that doesn’t have an especially bright outlook for the Rangers.

Texas will play a record 29 home games during the day in 2021, six more than any season since the team moved to Arlington in 1972. Pretty remarkable, we must admit.

With games expected against every American League opponent and another slate of games lined up against the National League West in interleague play, the 2021 schedule is sure to bring a plethora of ups and downs for the Texas Rangers.

With home dates and times now revealed, let’s look at five home day games that will present intriguing matchups for the team this season.

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