Where are the Texas Rangers’ minor leaguers with a delayed MiLB season?

Many of the more advanced Texas Rangers prospects are at the alternate site in Round Rock, but with a delayed season, where are they getting their reps?

Many minor leaguers are in a waiting period after the conclusion of major league spring training and the start of minor league spring training.

However, in order to keep guys fresh, Major League Baseball has formed the Arizona Co-op League for minor leaguers not at the alternate site.

These are the younger guys, such as Fernery Ozuna, Davis Wendzel and others, who were in Texas Rangers‘ big league camp but didn’t get sent to the alternate site.

For those guys who are in limbo between now and the start of their MiLB spring training or season, they are being given a chance to further their development by continuing to play.

This is a league set on the backfields of the Arizona League team facilities and a menagerie of players playing together at one time.

Six teams are set to participate. The Royals, Indians, Reds, White Sox, Mariners and Rangers all have prospects at the co-op league.

Formatting for the league is a bit peculiar, but will work for a short period of time.

For example, the Texas Rangers and KC Royals could have prospects playing in the same lineup against a mashup of White Sox and Reds players on any given night.

According to Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Texas and Kansas City are pairing up together to form one team.

Texas Rangers minor leaguers are beginning the season in an unconventional way.

The Texas Rangers believe that by sending their prospects to Arizona instead of Round Rock, they’ll be more game ready by the beginning of their season, rather than just training at the alternate site.

Assistant GM Mike Daly said most of the players in Arizona more-than-likely wouldn’t have started the year in Triple-A and need these games to makeup for lost time last season. He also said they have been able to play more games there than in Round Rock so far.

According to Baseball America and Jeff Wilson, the games resemble that of the B-games played in spring training and can go anywhere between seven and eleven innings.

As of now, the Rangers have 140 players scheduled to play in the co-op league and transitioning Into the minor league season shortly after.

Wilson noted that one significant absence was that of Bayron Lora, who is waiting to see if he will be charged for his deadly accident in the Dominican Republic.