Texas Rangers’ 50th anniversary logo is something we can all get behind

Everyone’s attention is transfixed (rightfully) to the free agency period that has already seen some player movement. But the Texas Rangers did something pretty cool on the side: releasing their 50th anniversary logo to be used during the 2022 season.

2022, of course, marks 50 years of Texas Rangers baseball since the franchise moved to Arlington in 1972 from Washington DC, where they were the Senators.

The team didn’t make its first playoff appearance until 1996, so understandably, it was tough being a Rangers fan since the team moved to Dallas-Fort Worth. Luckily, the franchise has been more successful since then, even making two World Series appearances in 2010 and 2011. The Rangers have been through three stadiums in Arlington, with Texas calling Globe Life Field their home currently.

But even if the Rangers have messed up more than they’ve been successful in their history, they certainly didn’t strike out with this logo.

The Texas Rangers are celebrating their 50th anniversary season in 2022 with a special logo

An absolute thing of beauty, if you ask me.

The Texas Rangers pay homage to their local culture with Wild West font, their team colors (red, white and blue) and a cowboy hat with a classic “T” on the front. You couldn’t design something more apt for the occasion.

Released with this logo was a promotional giveaway schedule, which should entice fans to come out to Globe Life Field in 2022. There are some 50th anniversary-themed items, as one would imagine, as the organization tips its cap to some of its legendary players over the years including Nolan Ryan, Adrian Beltre and Michael Young, among others.

Of course, we’re hoping the 2022 Texas Rangers can also be a better team than their 2021 predecessors to make the 50th anniversary celebration even more exciting.

If this logo is any indication of next year for the Rangers, it looks like we’ll be in for a fun year of baseball and celebration.