Texas Rangers prospects we could see in the big leagues this year

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Texas Rangers prospects we could see soon

6. Nick Snyder/Chase Lee, RP

Relief Pitchers! Not always the most exciting prospects to wait and see, but they are definitely eclectic.

Even with the Texas Rangers’ bullpen turning the corner with solid performances from Matt Moore, Brock Burke, John King, Spencer Patton and Joe Barlow, these guys could still use some help. Jose Leclerc and Jonathan Hernandez are also expected back later in the year after their Tommy John hiatuses as well, so the pen will be packed.

However, BOTH of these young men have ERAs of 0.00 in the minors. Nick Snyder has major league experience, but too little to carry much weight while Lee “the Viper” has none to speak of.  Both also have similar other stats, with Snyder having a WHIP of 1.000 and K/9 of 12 through six appearances in AAA and Lee sporting a .844 WHIP with 11.8 K/9 through 10.2 innings in AA.

Yes, those aren’t exactly hefty examples of dominance, but it shows how they could contribute to the major league ‘pen this year.

The bullpen is always extremely fluid and they can come up at any time but it’ll likely happen after the trade deadline when it’s possible for the Rangers to move a few relivers.