Texas Rangers Weekly Report 15: Curse of the one-run loss

I’m sure all Texas Rangers fans are tired of watching the Rangers lose by one now. I mean this has probably got to be one stat fans didn’t see coming this year. As of the end of the Rangers series vs. the Seattle Mariners, the Rangers have lost 23 games by one run.

If you at least win three or four of those games, the Rangers would more than likely be second in the division right now, or at least close to it. There’s plenty of blame to go around from the relief pitching to Chris Woodward not managing the team correctly.

Here are the Rangers that have made issue 15 of the Weekly Report.

Texas Rangers Weekly Report: Who’s Hot

Nathaniel Lowe

I would like to thank Mr. Lowe for at least trying to put in the effort this week and provide some offense at the plate. In the last seven games, Lowe has nine hits, two HRs and four RBIs. One of those home runs brought the Rangers within one run of beating the Mariners.

Josh Smith

Now I’m sure you’re wondering why Josh Smith is on here when he only had two RBIs with the bat? Well, let me show you the two amazing web gems that Smith had while playing at third base.

Here’s another web gem he made backtracking into the outfield. This one was even better since he had to catch the baseball at an awkward angle.

I can see why that the Rangers called him up from Triple-A earlier this season. His effort to make plays from third base or while playing left field is what probably caught Woodward’s attention.

Martin Perez

I wish we had five of him some weeks this season. Martin Perez showed why he made the All-Star Game this past week in two games. His stats for the past week were seven hits, two earned runs and 15 K’s. I hope Chris Young starts working on his extension for next season. We need him back in a Rangers uniform as a starter next season.

Texas Rangers Weekly Report: Who’s not Hot

Brett Martin

I don’t know where his head was at when he got inserted against the Oakland Athletics this past week. He gave up back to back-to-back home runs that put the A’s in a position in the bottom of the ninth to win the game. I know it was just won game but when you help almost blow a 10-run lead, you will be in The Who’s Not Hot List.

Owen White

Owen White was moved to the seven-day injured list after he started having “Forearm Fatigue”. Now White has pitched double what he did last season so his injury could just be strictly cause his arm wasn’t ready for double the work load this quickly. Hopefully he can come back and finish the season strong.

Texas Rangers Upcoming Schedule

July 28th-31st Away vs Angels

Aug 1st-3rd Home vs Baltimore Orioles