14 shocking numbers and statistics from the first half of the Texas Rangers season

The Rangers have put up some astonishing team numbers over the first half of the 2023 season.
Texas Rangers v Washington Nationals
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Run Differential: +148

The 2023 Rangers team has been scoring some serious runs this year. In addition, the pitching and defense have done a good job of keeping the other team from scoring as much as they have in the recent past. Because of this combination, the Rangers find themselves with a +148 run differential.

The run differential is simply the number of runs that a team scores, minus the number of runs that a team allows to score. In 2022, the Rangers finished the season with a -36 run differential. The Tampa Bay Rays lead MLB with +149, followed by the Rangers, and then the Atlanta Braves come in at +147. The fourth ranked team based on run differential at the break is the Los Angeles Dodgers at +76.

Stolen Bases: 48

This season the Rangers rank 25th in MLB in stolen bases. That is not where most people felt that the team would be at this point. Last year the Rangers outpaced the entire league, by stealing 128 bases. With the bigger bases and tougher pickoff rules for 2023, it was expected that the team would steal even more bags this season. That hasn't been the case.

The two main factors is a change in manager and the fact that the team has been hitting so well. Bochy hasn't wanted to run the team out of innings by getting someone thrown out on the bases. It will be interesting if the team comes out a bit more aggressive on the bases in the second half since the offense was struggling heading in the break. The Reds lead MLB in 2023 with 112 swiped bags.

Doubles hit: 205

Only the Boston Red Sox who have the Green Monster to pepper balls off of have more doubles than the Rangers, and it is only by one. The Red Sox have 206, while the Rangers have 205 so far this year. Last season the Rangers finished the season ranked 28th and only had 224 for the entire year. Wow, that is a big turnaround in the number of doubles. The team is only 19 doubles shy of the 2022 club's total.

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