14 shocking numbers and statistics from the first half of the Texas Rangers season

The Rangers have put up some astonishing team numbers over the first half of the 2023 season.
Texas Rangers v Washington Nationals
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Number of saves: 16

Despite having one of the best records in baseball, tied for 6th best to be exact, the Rangers sit 27th in total saves with 16. Both the Giants and the Reds have over twice as many, with 34 saves on the season. Will Smith has all but one of the saves, with the other one coming from Jose Leclerc. With the number of high-scoring games, there has been a lack of opportunities for saves, but 16 is still extremely low for a team that is leading the division at the break. Expect Aroldis Chapman to get into the save game as the second half unfolds. After being added to the team, he has been electric and has quite the track record of closing games out. He has a World Series title under his belt and has 317 career saves.

Bullpen walks per nine innings: 3.00

This number struck me as lower than I expected at 3.00 walks per nine innings from the bullpen. In fact, the Rangers' bullpen ranks fifth best in MLB with that mark. The Blue Jays lead the way with 2.87 BB/9 and the A's are not surprisingly last at 4.89 BB/9.

AL West lead: 2 games

Although all of the above numbers are fantastic, the one number that is most amazing to me at this point in the season is 2. The Texas Rangers still find themselves 2 games out in front of the Houston Astros for the lead in the AL West. It will be interesting how the remainder of the season plays out, but thus far the Rangers have been nothing less than entertaining.