2 odd Bruce Bochy decisions that cost Rangers in embarrassing sweep vs Brewers

Texas Rangers v Milwaukee Brewers
Texas Rangers v Milwaukee Brewers / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The Rangers lost another heartbreaker on Wednesday, falling 6-5 to the Brewers in extras and getting swept in the process. Simply put, Texas has little room left for error this season if they want to turn it around. But this gut-punch felt avoidable.

With their backs against the wall in a series that they had already lost the first two games of, Bruce Bochy decided to sit their best player and bring in a rookie reliever who has been struggling during a high-leverage moment.

It was made clear to fans that Corey Seager would not play all 162 games this season. After suffering multiple injuries last season that kept him out for a significant amount time, and undergoing hernia surgery in late December, Seager only played in one spring training game. Nevertheless he was on the Opening Day roster and battled through it.

Rushing Seager to Major League action didn't go as planned, however. In March/April, he hit a mere .231 with just two home runs and a .631 OPS. The struggles were clearly related to the injury as the former two-time World Series MVP looked nothing like himself.

Luckily he had a much more "on-par" month of May that saw him hit .287 with 11 home runs and a 1.047 OPS. As one of the top players in the game, this is what is expected of Corey Seager.

Sadly, June has seen him drop right back to the way he looked in April. He actually has a lower OPS than he did in April (at .627). Even still, Seager at his worst evokes more confidence in fans than does any other player on the team. So not seeing him in the lineup in what was basically a must-win game was telling. Why was that the decision, especially as the offense had been struggling? He could've gotten the day off Thursday after a travel day.

As for Latz, he had his worst series of the year by far, but Bochy seemingly ignored that (or felt like he didn't have a choice). Latz allowed a go-ahead grand slam to Rhys Hoskins on Monday night and gave up the walk-off hit in the 10th inning to Andrew Monasterio on Wednesday afternoon.

A tough sight to see after Latz seemingly had made some adjustments and been one of Texas' best pitchers up to this point. The reason for questioning Bochy's move however, was more so because Latz had just had his worst outing of the year and was immediately pushed right back into a pressure situation.

Bochy has had no problem putting lesser-experienced guys in high-leverage situations during his tenure in Texas. In fact, most rookies get a lot of opportunities early on after a call-up.

Amidst all the frustration, it's easy to point fingers at the manager, struggling players, and the front office. However all the Rangers need to focus on right now is winning — a practice that has become to rare this season.