3 Best Case Scenarios for the Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers have 12 games remaining in the season and are heavily mixed in for the wild card and AL West Division. So, what's the best alternative?
Boston Red Sox v Texas Rangers
Boston Red Sox v Texas Rangers / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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The Texas Rangers have been on an up-and-down roller coaster these past weeks. Over the past four series, Texas has gone 2-2, as they won matchups against the Oakland Athletics and Toronto Blue Jays. However, against the Houston Astros and Cleveland Guardians, Texas was swept.

Now, the Rangers have four series to go. The opponents are the Los Angeles Angels and two clashes with the Seattle Mariners. Not to mention, Texas still has two more games against the Boston Red Sox.

Yet despite the wild up-and-down movement, Texas is one and a half games behind the Astros for the AL West and is tied with the Seattle Mariners for the final wild-card spot. Good news also came the Rangers' way on Monday as Josh Jung and Adolis Garcia returned to the team's starting lineup.

So with the playoffs in sight, what is the best case scenario for the Texas Rangers?

Here are the best alternatives to Texas finishing out the season: