3 Best Case Scenarios for the Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers have 12 games remaining in the season and are heavily mixed in for the wild card and AL West Division. So, what's the best alternative?
Boston Red Sox v Texas Rangers
Boston Red Sox v Texas Rangers / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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Best Case Scenario #1: Texas Face Tampa Bay

Right now, the MLB playoff race is unpredictable. The Rangers could fall in from the second, fifth, or sixth seed. The less attractive alternative would be missing the playoffs. However, one possible matchup could be facing the Tampa Bay Rays.

Facing Tampa could be an advantage for Texas. This season, the team went 4-2 against the Rays. Two months ago, the Rangers swept Tampa and allowed six runs the entire series.

At the time, Nathan Eovaldi was pitching more than six innings. Yet, the hitting was at full strength.

Now, with Jung and Garcia back, it is safe to say the offensive advantage would still go to Texas. Also, who can forget the team has Evan Carter on the roster.

One final note, the Rays have gone 3-3 over their past six games.

With Texas and Tampa both struggling, it safe to say the Rangers would have a shot at winning the series.