3 Best Case Scenarios for the Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers have 12 games remaining in the season and are heavily mixed in for the wild card and AL West Division. So, what's the best alternative?
Boston Red Sox v Texas Rangers
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Best Case Scenario #2: Pitching Pulls Through for Texas

The Rangers suffered a blow last week when it was announced Max Scherzer would miss the rest of the season with a right triceps injury. This leaves Texas with a starting rotation that consists of Nathan Eovaldi, Jordan Montgomery, Jon Gray, Dane Dunning. However, the team has yet to announce the permanent fifth man in the starting rotation.

Rookie Cody Bradford took Scherzer's place in the rotation Sunday, but it is uncertain if he is the permanent man for the job. Other options include moving Martin Perez or Andrew Heaney into the starting rotation.

One other hurdle Texas must solve is getting their starting rotation at full strength.

Eovaldi has been limited in how many innings he can pitch. In his last start, he threw 73 pitches in three innings. He had three strikeouts, three walks, and allowed two runs.

If everyone does their part, then Texas has a chance to compete in the playoffs. Last week against Toronto, Montgomery pitched seven innings and threw three strikeouts while allowing four hits. He had a similar performance last night against the Red Sox.

Best case scenario here is the starting pitching just enough to let the team be competitive.