3 best things Texas Rangers manager Bruce Bochy said at the MLB Winter Meetings

When Bruce Bochy speaks people should listen. The future Hall of Famer is one of the legends of the game.
Dec 5, 2023; Nashville, TN, USA; Texas Rangers manager Bruce Bochy answers questions at a press
Dec 5, 2023; Nashville, TN, USA; Texas Rangers manager Bruce Bochy answers questions at a press / Kyle Schwab-USA TODAY Sports
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Humans like new shiny things, and Evan Carter is just that for the Texas Rangers. Despite having the runner-up and third place players in the American League MVP race this season in Corey Seager and Marcus Semien respectively, Bochy got zero questions about them. However, he did field numerous questions about Carter. There were questions all the way from how important this offseason is going to be for Carter to where Bochy sees him hitting in the lineup next season.

Where should Evan Carter hit in the Texas Rangers lineup?

I found it funny to be talking about lineup construction in December, but I get it. That is always a topic of conversation and when the roster is pretty much intact, that is going to be something to talk about even more so. When asked about where he saw Carter hitting Bochy responded with the quote below.

"I don't know where you couldn't hit him. We hit him ninth, and that was nice how he turned over the lineup and got to the top of our order.

A guy like that with his discipline and his ability to get the barrel on the ball and hit the way he does, he fits anywhere in your lineup. He can adjust to the pitcher that you are facing that day."

Bruce Bochy

Bochy was asked about hitting him in the leadoff spot, but and he said that currently that wasn't an option even though he could probably handle it. It is a nice problem to have, to try and figure out the best batting order for all of your quality hitters. That is was the Rangers and Bochy is going to be doing this next season. Bochy has shown that he is ok moving people around as they become hot or cold and there is little doubt that he will put the team in the best possible situation to succeed. Part of that includes Evan Carter and how he handles him in his rookie season.

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