3 candidates in the running for Rangers' Opening Day DH job

Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers
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Adolis Garcia

Another potential candidate for the DH role is the Rangers' 2023 home leader, El Bombi himself. With Garcia hitting 39 homers last regular season, there is no question that he could fill the role of DH.

Garcia could also benefit from playing a bit less on the defensive side of the ball due to the lingering injuries he's been dealing with since last August. Being a full-time DH could give Garcia a chance to fully recover, as the Rangers have been treating him with caution since camp began.

Taking Garcia out of the field could also give the Rangers an excuse to call up Wyatt Langford to replace him in right field. Even though the Rangers would miss Garcia's arm on defense, he'd be the best possible DH option and would help Bochy be more flexible with his personnel.

In this scenario, Garcia wouldn't be removed from the outfield entirely, he would just scale back instead of logging 140+ games on his feet.