3 candidates in the running for Rangers' Opening Day DH job

Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers
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Wyatt Langford

Another Rangers' option to fill the DH spot is young phenom Wyatt Langford. With Langford going through the minors at a rapid rate this past summer and excelling this spring in the Cactus League, the Rangers are eager to get the slugger up to the majors, and putting him at DH could be the answer.

Langford has proven he has some pop in his bat this spring by hitting three home runs in the span of two games, and he's the current home run leader in the Cactus League with a total of four. His already proven power from the plate could make him an excellent fit to be the Rangers' DH.

If the Rangers decide to put Langford at DH, they could retain their current outfield, which was constructed last season and had great success, especially on the defensive side. Though the preferred option might be to utilize Langford in the outfield to get him experience on both sides of the ball, perhaps there's a solution with him and Garcia sharing both spots and getting a healthy dose of DH and outfield reps.

In the end, now that the DH is universal, it's more so used to enhance a lineups flexibility rather than locking a singular player into the spot for the entirety of the season. However Bochy goes about this will probably be trusted, and there are a lot of promising options.