3 regrets the Texas Rangers should already have about the 2023-24 offseason

This offseason hasn't exactly gone to plan for the Texas Rangers.
Oct 28, 2023; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers starting pitcher Jordan Montgomery (52) throws a
Oct 28, 2023; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers starting pitcher Jordan Montgomery (52) throws a / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
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Normally when a team is fresh off a World Series win like the Texas Rangers are, it is cause for celebration and optimism. Not only did the Rangers finally get over the hump and bring home a title, but this Rangers team sets up really well to be successful over at least the next several years.

Unfortunately, the Rangers have been weirdly quiet this offseason so far. Some of that is just a function of them being incredibly aggressive the last couple of offseasons, but it is still strange to see Texas essentially being non-factors so far this offseason. This seems like a time where the Rangers would want to use all that playoff revenue and renewed interest in the team to press their advantage and that just hasn't been the case this offseason.

Could the Rangers change the narrative and still make a splash this offseason? Absolutely, but that doesn't mean that there haven't been some missed opportunities that the team could end up regretting. Here are a few of the highlights.

Letting Jordan Montgomery explore deals elsewhere is a blunder

Of all the trades made at the trade deadline last year, none had the level of impact that Texas' move to trade for Jordan Montgomery did. This isn't a slight on Chris Stratton who also did well after the trade (and who has since signed with the Royals, but Montgomery stabilized the Rangers' rotation after injuries had decimated Texas' starting staff.

The problem is that the Rangers' starting rotation situation remains very questionable. Max Scherzer just had surgery on his back and is only getting older and no one really knows what Jacob deGrom is going to look like coming back from his second Tommy John surgery. The end result is a Texas rotation that looks very questionable and does not look at all like a group that could make another deep postseason run.

Things should have not gotten to this point. Montgomery was clearly a huge reason why the Rangers won the World Series and the team should have looked to lock him up for the long-term. It takes two to tango and the allure of big-time free agent dollars may have just been too much for Jordan to pass up, but letting Monty hit the open market could come back to bite the Rangers in a big way in 2024.