4 jersey sponsors that the Texas Rangers could add to their jerseys in 2024

Jersey sponsors are a big thing in the NHL and NBA right now. Big companies are paying sports franchises top dollar to include their logo on their jerseys.

Mar 28, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Texas Rangers manager Bruce Bochy looks on during the sixth
Mar 28, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Texas Rangers manager Bruce Bochy looks on during the sixth / Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

With leagues like the NHL and NBA allowing sponsors to be included on the uniforms and equipment, it's surprising that it hasn't moved to the MLB. The Kansas City Royals announced today the Royals will have a QuikTrip logo patch on their jerseys for the 2024 season. It's only a matter of time before the Texas Rangers add one to their jerseys. Their new partner, American Airlines, could be their jersey sponsor this season. Here are four companies that might be on the side of a Rangers uniform.

Texas Rangers Sponsor Patch: 4. 7-11

With a 7-11 pop-up store right outside Globe Life Field, 7-11 could have their logo on Rangers jerseys. The Dallas Stars currently have the 7-11 logo on the side of their helmets. With how well it's going with the Stars, don't be surprised if they add one to baseball jerseys. While there are other companies in Texas the Rangers might go with first, don't be surprised if 7-11 ends up on a baseball jersey in the future.

Texas Rangers Sponsor Patch: 3. Buc-ees

Even though they have locations out of state now, Buc-ees would be a wonderful sponsor for the Texas Rangers. Even though 7-11 might have an issue with it since they are currently a sponsor, this would be the most Texan thing to happen. The Rangers could even have a beaver nuggets toss in between innings. This would go viral on Twitter if the Rangers decided to add Buc-ees to their jersey.

Texas Rangers Sponsor Patch: 2. Capital One

Capital One has a big office in Dallas, Texas, and could get into conversations on being a jersey sponsor. They wouldn't be the first bank to end up on the sleeve of a baseball jersey, as several other teams have added financial institutions to their sleeves. However, they would be the first big-name bank to have their name on a jersey. It's an outside-of-the-box sponsor for a team like the Rangers, but money does talk.

Texas Rangers Sponsor Patch: 1. AT&T

The last company that could be on the sleeve of Ranger jerseys is AT&T. They already have the naming rights of the Dallas Cowboys stadium right next door. What's stopping them from purchasing the right to have their logo on the jersey? The Rangers might be in discussion with a company for this season. Don't be shocked if it was AT&T, considering the history with the Cowboys next door.

Who I think will jump in and be the jersey sponsor for the Rangers

It will be interesting to see what happens with the Rangers adding a jersey sponsor patch to their uniforms. This has been very successful in the NBA and NHL, and half of baseball has a patch on their jerseys. I wouldn't be surprised if American Airlines is the sponsor patch this year with their recent agreement. If the Rangers decide to add a jersey sponsor, it would be announced right before the season starts.

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