4 Texas Rangers prospects that could help the team in 2024

With the 2023 season winding down, here are the Rangers farmhands that could contribute in the big leagues in 2024.
Texas Rangers Spring Training
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Owen White

While Owen White's two debut cameo appearances in the big leagues in 2023 didn't go super well, his should still be considered to be a part of the Rangers' future. White's varied arsenal of pitches is probably his best trait as he has a mid-90's fastball, a nasty slider, a curve ball that is a hammer when he is on, and a changeup that flashes plus even though it is the most inconsistent of his offerings.

One thing that has to get figured out is whether or not the tick of velocity on all of his pitches White has lost this season is just fatigue or a sign of a larger problem. The bet here is that he is just working through fatigue or something minor and with some rest this offseason, he will force himself yet again into the conversation for a spot in the Rangers' rotation.

Josh Stephan

Josh Stephan doesn't get a lot of press or notice outside of diehard Rangers fans and that makes some level of sense, His fastball generally sits in the low 90's and his slider doesn't feature the crazy movement you would expect from a top tier pitching prospect. His changeup is a good one, but is a pretty standard offering.

However, the combination of Stephan's command, consistent pitch tunneling, lower arm slot, and consistency makes all of his pitches play up as hitters have fits trying to pick up what he is throwing at them. The lower arm slot could make his matchup against opposing lefties tougher as they might get a better look than righties, but it is hard to argue with the results. In 13 appearances (12 starts), Stephan has posted a 2.30 ERA in 66.2 innings. The only wrinkle here is that Stephan has been on the injured list since early July. Assuming the injury is not too serious, we could see him in the big leagues sometime in 2024.

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