5 Best Moments in Texas Rangers History

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees, Game 4
Texas Rangers v New York Yankees, Game 4 / Andrew Burton/GettyImages
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Number 3: Nolan's 7th No-Hitter

Nolan Ryan was already a legend prior to this night. This game did nothing to add or take away from his status as a future Hall-of-Famer. He already had the record for no-hitters in a career with six. It was 1991 and he was in his mid-40s on this night. Here he was again putting zeroes up across the board against a powerful Toronto Blue Jays lineup. It was a home game that fans who were there will never forget.

He was dominant that night as he had a strikeout in every inning and had multiple strikeouts in six of the nine innings. He took the no-hitter and 15 strikeouts into the 9th inning. He got Manuel Lee and Devon White to ground out. It came down to Roberto Alomar to try and break the no-hitter up and give the Blue Jays a shot to comeback from a 3-0 deficit. This was the final pitch as called by the Blue Jay announcers since the Texas Rangers did not broadcast this game on television

Ryan would complete the no-hitter that would be the last one of his career. He would go down as the best power pitcher of all time establishing several records that will never be broken including the record of seven no-hitters.