5 Texas Rangers the fanbase is losing patience with

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Jonathan Hernandez - Texas Rangers relief pitcher

Jonathan Hernandez has electric stuff that dominated his last two healthy seasons. In both 2020, and the end of 2022, after returning from Tommy John surgery, Hernandez posted sub-3.00 ERAs. So far this year, not so much.

In 20 2/3 innings pitched, Hernandez has a 5.66 ERA, 21 strikeouts, 10 walks, has given up 19 hits (four of which were home runs), and has a 1.403 WHIP. The problem is that he is getting hit, and when he does, opponents are barreling him up at a much higher rate than last season. Hernandez's barrel percentage went from 4.7% last season to 13. 8% thus far in 2023.

Hernandez does seem to have lost some spin on his sinker, so perhaps that is a reason that he is getting hit more often. Or perhaps it is that he is somehow tipping his pitches, and other teams have figured something out. Given the quality of his repertoire, perhaps it is just an anomaly of a small sample size, and he will regress back to his mean and dominate the rest of the season.

Like Leclerc, Hernandez has been pitching better as of late, but that still doesn't keep the fans from being on edge when he enters the game right now. Hernandez isn't a piece that absolutely must do well for the Rangers to be successful this season. However, he is one that has the talent and the track record, that if he can get and stay right, will help the Rangers hold, save, and win many games over the next several months.