5 Texas Rangers the fanbase is losing patience with

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Brad Miller - Texas Rangers DH/Utility

Most fans lost patience with Brad Miller last season. In his first season with the Rangers, Miller hit .212/.270/.320 in 241 plate appearances. In fact, several fans were calling for the release or trade of Miller in the offseason. With $4 million dollars coming his way this year, it was clear that the Rangers were going to give Miller every chance to make a hand.

Coming into this season, there was hope that Miller would get back to the player that he once was. Miller is not a bad baseball player. Well, he used to not be a bad baseball player. At age 33, can he regain a semblance of his former self? That I am not sure. One thing that I am quite certain about, is that fans will not have to be frustrated with him much longer.

Miller hit his only home run of this season on Opening Day. He also hit one on Opening Day in 2022, so that is a fun little nugget. After that home run performance, Miller has unfortunately only had four runs batted in and four runs scored in 2023. Not much return on investment for the Rangers.

This season, he has become a total bench player, and not one that comes off the bench. He has only 56 plate appearances in 22 games this season, and that is despite there being some injuries throughout the club in the first two months. Through Tuesday, Miller has only played in eight games in the month of May, and has 10 plate appearances, although he has scratched out three hits.

Miller is a veteran that is no doubt helping some of the younger players and doing his part, whatever that might look like. With his lack of playing time and lack of overall production as a Ranger, I would expect Miller will be traded or even DFA'd at some point in the next month or so.