5 Texas Rangers the fanbase is losing patience with

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Chris Young - Texas Rangers GM

Fans are a funny, not funny, lot. Some get it, and some expect the world and perfection in every move and transaction that takes place within an organization. The idea that any Texas Rangers' fan would be losing patience with Chris Young, is nearly laughable. Last season we finished with 68 wins and this season have 35 at the 1/3 point.

Many are voicing their disdain for the bullpen and how he did nothing to fix it during the offseason. It is true that nothing was done to bolster the pen in the offseason, but he did go out and completely revamp the starting rotation into one of the best in the game. In 2022, the Rangers starting pitchers had a combined 4.63 ERA compared to the relievers 3.72 ERA. Fast forward to this season, and the starters have a 3.24 ERA and the relievers a 4.52 ERA. The bullpen doesn't have to be perfect, but if they can get back to where they were last season, things will start looking up for sure.

There is no one that is more aware and ready to make a move or two to bolster the bullpen, than CY. He hasn't come this far, with a team that is performing this well, to sit back and do nothing. If there were deals to be made now, he would make them, but there aren't. For one, even the worst team in the National League, the Washington Nationals, was only five games out of the wild card spot at the end of play on Tuesday. There will be more teams become sellers over the next month, but with so many teams still thinking they have a chance at the postseason, few moves will be made early.

Another issue with going out and getting bullpen help, is the fact that many contenders are going to be looking for the same thing. Bullpen arms are key to winning in the playoffs and in general, many pens have been struggling this season. CY will not leave the team hanging, he is working a process, and we must enjoy the ride and trust that it will work out.