6 forgotten playoff moments that won the Texas Rangers the World Series

Every playoff run is full of moments both good and bad, memorable and forgotten. The Texas Rangers do not win the World Series if not for these moments that will likely be forgotten
World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Five
World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Five / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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3) Michael Brantley double play in the 7th inning of game 6 of the ALCS

Texas ended up winning game six 9-2 after scoring six runs in the last two innings. The game was still just 3-2 in the bottom of the seventh at this time. Nathan Eovaldi had retired Maldonado to start the seventh and then Altuve had a single that led to Bochy taking Eovaldi out of the game. Josh Sborz was brought into a 3-2 game in the seventh with one out. Michael Brantley was coming up with Bregman and Alvarez to follow.

Brantley is a really professional hitter. He knows his swing and is hard to get out. Texas did well against him in this series. He had two hits in game two of the series and no hits the rest of the series. Sborz was brought in to face the left-handed hitting Brantley in a key situation. Sborz threw two balls to start the at-bat. He then got Brantley to foul off a fastball on the inside corner and then watch a fastball that was a called strike. Finally on the fifth pitch Sborz threw a curveball down and in and got Brantley to hit it on the ground to Marcus Semien at second who pitched to Seager at short, who then relayed to Lowe to complete the double-play. Just like that Sborz was out of the inning.

Texas added a run in the eighth and then five more in the ninth to finish off the game and send the series to game seven. Sborz's appearance kept Bregman and Alvarez from coming up with runners on base and allowed Texas to hold onto the one-run lead. That double play shifted the momentum and Texas capitalized and after that did not let go of the series and were in charge until the final out recorded in game seven.