6 Texas Rangers under the microscope in spring training

These five players will under close examination this spring as the team will be determining if they will have a role on this team going forward.
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The day is finally here. Pitchers and catchers officially report to Surprise, Arizona this morning to kick off spring training for the defending World Series champion Texas Rangers. Three months later and it still is amazing that happened. Now, comes the hard part of defending that title and trying to repeat. It will take a full team effort to navigate the regular season and get back to the postseason. Texas will be attempting to do what no other Bruce Bochy-managed team has done and that is make it back to the postseason a year after appearing in a World Series. The title defense starts now for Texas the first day of camp. These five players will be under the close examination of a microscope by the front office and coaching staff as the team tries to determine what if any role they will have on the 2024 Texas Rangers.

5 Players under the microscope in spring training

1. Sam Huff

He definitely has to be number one because his place on the roster is not guaranteed. Huff was a second-round pick back in 2016 and is now out of options in 2024. Texas has a veteran back-up catcher in Andrew Knizner. Huff has to show that he can be more consistent at the plate to make it onto the Opening Day roster. It is not just about showing power which he has done in the majors. It is about showing an improved approach at the plate. That means drawing walks, fouling off pitches, and having extended at-bats. It means not being an easy out. It means working counts and taking advantage of pitchers' mistakes.

Huff has a decently high ceiling if he can realize it. A catcher that can hit 20-30 home runs a season and drive in 80-90 is a valuable player. If he cannot produce consistently, then he will not last on the roster. He will become a 40-man roster casualty like Bubba Thompson and Alex Speas.

Texas has an opening at DH with the departure of Mitch Garver. It would be so easy to slide Sam Huff into that role. He will be challenged by top prospects such as Wyatt Langford and Justin Foscue. Both are superior hitters to Huff. That is why it will be vital for Huff to perform well in the opportunities he is given this Spring. His future in the organization likely depends on it.