6 Worst Texas Rangers Free Agent Signings

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Number 5: Lance Berkman

Lance Berkman was not a fan favorite before the Rangers signed him and he did nothing in his time here to really endear himself to Ranger fans. In 2011 he was deciding between St. Louis and Texas and in the end chose to play for the Cardinals. He then made comments about why he chose St. Louis to a Houston radio station. He said.

"I felt like if they didn't re-sign Cliff Lee that they were going to be an average team and I feel that's probably what's going to end up happening,"

He also said it was "reach" to give Adrian Beltre the contract they did. He basically said that the Rangers got lucky to get to the 2010 World Series and that he did not think it would happen again. Berkman would later apologize for the comments prior to the World Series that the Rangers and Cardinals played in. That brings us to 2013 when he again was a free agent and this time chose to come to Texas.

Berkman signed with Texas for the 2013 season for 1 year and $10 million dollars. Berkman who had been considering retirement after a 2012 season that saw him miss time with two right knee surgeries and only playing in 32 games with St. Louis. Nolan Ryan pushed this deal and was able to get Berkman to sign for $10 million. It would turn out to be his last season in the majors.

He played in only 73 games with Texas due to hip inflammation and continued issues with his right knee. He was limited to being a DH mainly, he did play four games at 1b. HIs bat speed was gone and he did not have the impact he had for the Cardinals in 2011 when he helped the Cardinals win the World Series over the Texas Rangers. Berkman ended up with a .242 batting average, 6 home runs, and 34 RBI's. I think the Rangers were hoping to get what they had with Vlad Guerrero in 2010 and they ended up with someone that couldn't stay on the field and wasn't productive when he was on the field.