A look into the White Sox bullpen and the arms that could help the Texas Rangers

The Rangers have already added Aroldis Chapman to the bullpen but are likely to add one or two more arms.
Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Angels
Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Angels / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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Breaking news: the Texas Rangers are in need of bullpen assistance. Ok, maybe it's not exactly breaking news, but the Rangers do still need some help out in the pen. That was a fact before last night's debacle of a game in Houston, and it remains a fact after the said game.

The Rangers already added a strong arm and resume to the bullpen with the addition of Aroldis Chapman, in late June. He has been lights out for the Rangers until last night, but that is just the way baseball goes sometimes. The pen as a whole this year has a 4.80 ERA which is the fourth worst in MLB.

Ironically, the White Sox have the fifth highest ERA for relievers at 4.66. With that being said, there are a number of quality relievers on the White Sox roster that could help out in the pen for the Rangers. Chicago is going to be selling for sure, as they are well back in the playoff picture at 12.5 games behind Minnesota in the AL Central and 15 games out of a wildcard spot. Perhaps the two teams can come up with a trade that makes sense for both clubs. The Rangers don't want to sell out for just this season but are more than willing to part with some prospects to bolster their chances of success in 2023.

Here are four White Sox relievers that the Texas Rangers could target to bolster the bullpen